Quick start with CLI

Install the CLI
Install homebrew for macOS, then enable our homebrew tap and install the CLI:
brew tap runreveal/runreveal
brew install runreveal

Login to RunReveal

Once RunReveal has enabled your domain on the platform, login with:
runreveal init
The init command is used to both create an account or log in to an existing account. If it is your first time running init, you'll be prompted to enter the name of your workspace.
runreveal init
Enter your workspace name: Example Inc.
You can validate that you're logged in by running the following command
runreveal config account
👍 You're logged in!
User ID: 2KUOdUOFyuTbPD7amU3WidyfOzf
User Email: [email protected]
Now you're ready to set up a log source!

Ingest data into RunReveal

To use RunReveal, you'll need to ingest some data into the platform. We have a few different how-to guides to help ingest the security logs that matter most to you.

Query your data

You'll need to then verify that your data is flowing to RunReveal and we are able to access it.
$ runreveal logs
rr> select COUNT(*) from runreveal_logs;
| COUNT() |
| 1164 |
Ran Query: select COUNT(*) from runreveal_logs
Retreived 1 rows in 387.13475ms

Next Steps

Install the Grafana Plugin

Investigate a specific AWS keys

Monitor your company's GSuite usage

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