Configuring Role Based Access Control

RunReveal supports Role Based Access Control for subjects accessing resources in your workspace.
We have configured a set of default roles to simplify the management of permissions assignment to users through those roles.
Each resource has 3 permissions defined: Read, Edit and Delete. Read allows read-only access to the class of resources including listing the instances of that resource. Edit allows for creation and updating that resources attributes and metadata. Deletion is required to remove a resource record from the database.
The following roles have been defined for workspaces: admin, analyst, and cibot. Below you will see their permissions enumerated.
Read Sources
Read and List Source Configs
Edit Sources
Create and Update Source Configs
Delete Sources
Delete Source Configs
Read Destinations
Read and List Destination Configs
Edit Destinations
Create and Update Destination Configs
Delete Destinations
Delete Destination Configs
Read Queries
Read and List Named Queries and Detections
Edit Queries
Create and Edit Named Queries and Detections
Delete Queries
Delete Named Queries and Detections
Read Reports
Read and List Reports
Edit Reports
Create and Update Report Configs
Delete Reports
Delete Report Configs
Read Analytics
Read and List Analytics Views
Edit Analytics
Create and Update Analytics Configs
Delete Analytics
Delete Analytics Configs
Read Notifications
Read and List Notification Channels
Edit Notifications
Create and Update Notification Channels
Delete Notifications
Delete Notification Channels