Setting up a Jira notification channel requires a few pieces of information.

Setup Settings

Jira URL

The Jira URL is the base URL that your atlassian organization is located. For us we would enter

Jira Project Key

The key for the project that you want new issues added. This key was set when creating your project. It should be the prefix assigned to issues.

Jira Issue Type

The name of the issue type that you want created when sending alerts to Jira.


A comma separated list of labels that you want to add to the issues. This field is run through the template renderer so can include properties from the data being passed.

Email Address

Enter the email address of the user that the issues will be created under. This user will need permission to create issues in that project with that issue type.

API Token

Navigate to the API token creation page (opens in a new tab), log in with the same user that you entered in the email address field. Click on the Create API token button to generate a new token.